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Pennsylvania Self Employed Health Insurance

Pennsylvania self employed health insurance options are many. As a self employed resident of PA you may not have access to a big corporate health plan and big company employee benefits as maybe you may have been accustomed to in the past.

However, there are still many options for you to consider as you look for health care for yourself; whether you are a one man shop functioning as a sole proprietor or you have numerous partners, shareholders, or employees in your small business, partnership, LLC, or corporation.

Here are a few things that you should know as a self employed resident of PA looking for Pennsylvania health insurance.

You Should Know How to Choose between PA Individual Health Insurance and PA Group Health Insurance

Pennsylvania group health insurance is different in a few key areas as compared toPennsylvania individual health insurance. First of all, on the individual side there will be full medical underwriting. This usually means that you will be asked questions going over your medical history for the past 10 years. If you or anyone in your family has some major health problems such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease or the like then for the most part you will be declined for Pennsylvania individual health insurance. On the group health insurance side they will not do an extensive medical history underwriting and major pre-existing conditions will not signal an automatic decline.

It logically follows then that Pennsylvania group health insurance is much more expensive than a comparable Pennsylvania individual health insurance plan. This is due to the fact that even unhealthy people are accepted into a group health plan while your healthy history will be scrutinized on the individual side. Count on PA individual health insurance to be approximately half the price of a comparable PA group health plan. [HINT: Most PA individual health plans do not automatically cover maternity as most PA group plans do so be sure to take the extra cost of the maternity benefit into consideration].

You Should Know How to choose between a Captive PA Insurance Agent and an Independent PA Insurance Agent

Pennsylvania captive health insurance agents can only work with one company. This eliminates the ability to “shop” multiple companies’ quotes for you. Captive agents will of course recommend only their company’s health plans to you so be sure to compare quotes from at least 2 other companies side by side or better yet speak to a Pennsylvania independent health insurance agent. Pennsylvania independent health insurance agents can work with multiple companies and truly represent the interests of the consumer much more than is possible for a captive agent.

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