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Pennsylvania Individual Health Insurance

There are many terrific Pennsylvania individual health insurance options available for savvy PA residents willing to do a little research. Many great insurance companies offer individual health care in Pennsylvania. So how do you know which company to choose? Which type of PA individual plan should you consider?

3 Guidelines For Finding Pennsylvania Individual Health Insurance

Here are three quick guidelines to help you in your Pennsylvania individual health insurance search:

1) Obtain coverage from an AM Best “A rated” insurance company. AM Best is a rating agency that rates the financial strength of insurance companies. (Note, that an “A rating” does not signify that the insurance company has strong plans or proper coverage only that the insurance company’s financial picture appears to be in good enough shape to pay claims).

2) Speak with an independent health insurance agent. Indepenent agents can work with multiple Pennsylvania insurance companies. You will want to watch out for “captive agents” – agents that can only work with one particular insurance company.

3) Compare PA health insurance quotes from at least 3 different insurance companies. Take a few moments and compare online quotes from the top companies in your area now by viewing free Pennsylvania health insurance quotes!

How To Find Cheap Pennsylvania Individual Health Insurance

If you are in the 10% of Pennsylvanians that do not have health insurance we can provide you with some tips to get started in your search to find affordable Pennsylvania individual health insurance.

For example, did you know that Pennsylvania law requires that your health insurance company give you a minimum of ten days to review any policy before signing it?  If you decide that you do not want the policy you can return it unsigned for a full refund of any premiums or deposits you have paid.

Use the tips below to find Pennsylvania provider that can give you individual health insurance that makes sense.

7 Questions To Ask When Purchasing Pennsylvania Individual Health Insurance 

  1. How long is the waiting period on pre-existing conditions?  (By law the waiting period can be no longer than 12 months.)
  1. Deductibles – are they per family or per person?  (Ideally your policy would be per family.  It will save you money.)
  1. How much are the co-pays? (Insurance companies have different rates on co-pays for primary care doctors vs. specialists and generic drugs vs. name brand drugs)
  1. What are the benefit limits on the policy?  (Some policies will give you a $1,000,000 lifetime benefit while others will place limits on how much they will pay per illness.)
  1. What is and is not covered?  (For example, will you need to get a maternity rider?)
  1. Does the policy cover preventative care?  (Some policies will and some won’t.)
  1. Under what conditions can the policy be canceled by the insurance company or my rates raised?

Types Of Pennsylvania Individual Health Insurance Plans 

  • HMO – (Health Maintenance Organization) This is managed care.  You pay a set fee each month regardless if you use your medical benefits or not.  You are required to use certain doctors, hospitals and clinics.  In some cases the HMO will provide its own doctors and hospitals that you have to use.
  • PPO – (Preferred Provider Organization) You get discounts from using pre-selected doctors.  You will have to pick a primary care physician that will oversee all your care.  Referrals are needed for some specialists and some testing.
  • POS – (Point of Service) Allows the most freedom to pick doctors and referrals are not needed.   You will receive your greatest savings by using doctors that are in the insurance company’s network.
  • Fee-for-Service Plan – You pay for your medical care up front hen submit a claim to your insurance company for reimbursement of a percentage of the charges. 

Options If You Have Been Denied Pennsylvania Individual Health Insurance 

  • Medicaid – This is a Federal program that is administered at the State level and offers health benefits for those with low incomes, those who are disabled, and those who are young or pregnant.
  • Pennsylvania CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Plan) – This is Pennsylvania’s children’s comprehensive health insurance plan that will cover all children 18 and younger regardless of income.  Premiums are based on income so some families will have no premium while others will.
  • Pennsylvania HIPAA Health Insurance Plan – This is an individual health insurance plan that offers coverage on a guaranteed issue basis with no exclusions for pre-existing health conditions.

The state of Pennsylvania does not have a high risk pool for those who can not find insurance because of pre-existing conditions or are considered high risk to insure.  This does not mean you can’t benefit from a Health Savings Account (where pre-tax dollars are taken out of your pay and put into a special savings account for medical costs) or a medical discount card program (medical discount cards are not insurance. Make sure you research medical discount card programs thoroughly and only purchase on as a last resort, some of them are nothing more than scams.)

How To Save Money On Your Pennsylvania Health Insurance 

  • Higher deductible plans are a good way to save money for those who are in good health and don’t visit the doctor often.
  • Consider a supplemental health insurance policy, a medical discount card or Health Savings Account to help cover medical costs.
  • If you are on a long term medication see if you insurance company offers special drug programs where you can purchase a 90 day supply of a generic drug through the mail at low cost.

Pennsylvania Individual Health Insurance Companies 

Here is a list of some of the most popular health insurance providers in Pennsylvania that offer individual policies.

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Aetna
  • Golden Rule
  • HealthAmerica
  • Geisinger Quality Options

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