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Pennsylvania group health insurance can be quite expensive versus a Pennsylvania individual health insurance plan. Everything else being equal, a PA group health plan will be approximately 2 to 3 times the cost of a comparable PA individual health plan (often even from the same insurance company). Why is PA group health so much more expensive than PA individual health?

Applicants for a Pennsylvania group health insurance plan are automatically accepted – regardless of health issues (pre-existing conditions) while applicants for a Pennsylvania individual health insurance will go through the underwriting process and there is the possibility of not being approved for coverage due to major health issues in the last 10 years (unless the applicant is eligible for a PA HIPAA guaranteed issued individual health insurance plan).

There are many great plans available for those looking for PA group health insurance plans and PA individual health insurance plans. Both group health insurance and individual health insurance in the form of a medical reimbursement plan can be a great way to attract, retain, and reward employees. Take a few moments to compare the top health insurance companies in your area and view online Pennsylvania health insurance quotes now!

The Popularity Of Group Health Insurance Plans In Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, group health insurance is an option that is embraced by many for the ease of approval and acceptance. This is common throughout the United States and Pennsylvania is no exception when it comes to the popularity of group health insurance plans. While employer-based coverage is the most common option for Pennsylvania group health insurance, it is not the only one and may not be the best one.

Where To Find Pennsylvania Group Health Insurance

If you are an individual who wants Pennsylvania group health insurance coverage, there are several options for where to find it.

  1. Employers: This is the most common place to find group health insurance offered. It is most often secured through work for a variety of reasons including the fact that someone else has done the work required to get a good policy. It is often employer paid or subsidized and comes directly from your check, making it very convenient. Many people are also under the assumption that it is the cheapest way to get health insurance.
  2. Professional Associations: If you belong to professional associations, you may have the option of getting group coverage through them. Many associations offer it to their members, as a perk, which is available to them at their own cost, however there is no subsidization as there may be with employer-based group coverage.
  3. Other Groups: If you are a part of business, civic or church groups, health insurance may be offered through them also. If you cannot find group health insurance through one of these organizations, it might mean that you should look into getting a plan in place for members.

Disadvantages Of Pennsylvania Group Health Insurance

PA group health insurance offers convenience, ease of choice and payment and other advantages; however, there are some downsides to this type of coverage that you need to understand.

A. There is no choice in the type of plan you will have, because someone else has already made all the decisions. You have the same coverage, limits, co-payments, co-insurance, deductibles and maximums as everyone else who belongs to the same group. If they are not the ideal fit for you and your family, there’s nothing you can do about it.

B. By taking part in a group health insurance plan that you pay partial or full premiums for, you are in effect subsidizing the healthcare insurance costs of others who are less healthy than you and probably need and use the coverage much more than you do. Therefore you may often be paying more than if you went with individual health insurance.

Pennsylvania Group Health Insurance: Options If You Are No Longer With The Employer 

The federal government has a law called Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act or COBRA, which is in place to protect you in case of no longer being eligible for group insurance coverage through your work. Some of the eligible reasons of losing coverage are:

  1. death of the insured
  2. divorce or separation from the insured
  3. the insured is fired or cut back to part-time hours
  4. reaching an age limit if you are a child of the insured
  5. early retirement

When you use a PA COBRA health plan, it allows you to extend your coverage under your employer’s group insurance plan for between 18 and 36 months, depending on the situation. You just need to pay both your own portion and the employer’s. It gives you time to find a new job with an insurance plan and for the plan to kick in.

Pennsylvania Group Health Insurance: The Only Option For Many

In Pennsylvania group health insurance is incredibly important, even more so because it is one of the states, which does not offer an assigned risk pool to cover those people who are uninsurable in the private market.

Usually people are considered uninsurable if they happen to have poor health or a chronic health condition or worse. However, if your finances do not permit you to become eligible for Medicaid and you are not old enough for Medicare, then your medical costs can drain your financial worth if you have no health insurance.

Because PA group coverage does not require any medical underwriting standards to be met for acceptance and group members are automatically accepted into the plan, it may be the only option for those in poor health to get health insurance coverage 

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