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Do your Pennsylvania health insurance shopping the easy way! Rather than spending hours hunting online to find the PA health insurance companies that offer health coverage in your area and then spending additional obtaining quotes from each of them – just fill out one form and view quotes from multiple PA health insurance companies!

You could request PA health care quotes from Humana, then Aetna, then Care Mark Blue Cross and Blue Shield, then Celtic, then American Medical Security, then United Healthcare, and then…well you get the idea. Take 2 minutes and then receive 5 or more health insurance quotes from top Pennsylvania health insurance companies – only from companies that offer coverage in your zip code!

You know that maintaining adequate PA health insurance coverage is important for you and for your family but why go through all of the hassle of filling out one information form after another when you can use our free Pennsylvania health insurance quote finder and take 30 seconds to receive multiple quotes from top PA companies?

If you are currently uninsured, need to re-evaluate your current PA health care coverage, have group coverage but will soon be changing jobs, or maybe you just want to get some up to date price quotes and make sure that your present health care policy is still competitive then simply take 30 seconds to request free Pennsylvania health insurance quotes.

The Importance Of Having A Pennsylvania Health Insurance Plan

For residents of Pennsylvania, health insurance is an important part of protecting themselves and their families. If a major illness or accident happens, it wouldn't take long for many families to find themselves wiped out financially. Please continue reading to learn more about health insurance in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Health Insurance: Why It Makes Sense To Buy Coverage Now 

Buying health insurance in PA is similar to purchasing auto insurance. It's a product that you buy and pay premiums on in hope that you never have to use. If you were to wait to apply for coverage after becoming ill or getting injured in an accident, you probably wouldn't be able to get insurance. To get the protection you and your family need, buy insurance when you are healthy.

Pennsylvania Health Insurance: Rates And Premiums 

Many people feel that the cost of health insurance in PA is just too high. There are a number of reasons why premiums cost the amount they do. The following factors affect the cost of health insurance in Pennsylvania (as well as other parts of the country):

  1. Excessive Health Care Charges: When people feel that the cost of health care is being paid for by someone else, namely the insurance companies, they are less likely to consider less expensive forms of treatment or whether the tests their doctor has ordered for them are really necessary. In fact, everyone who buys a health insurance policy shares in the cost of healthcare through increased premium rates.

  2. Health Issues of an Aging Population: People are living longer lives than ever before, which is wonderful. As they age, they need more (and more expensive) treatments and that fact is adding to the cost of healthcare for everyone. Insurance companies need to make sure that they are collecting enough in premiums to be able to pay out on the claims their clients are submitting. More claims mean that premiums have to increase to keep the insurance company solvent.

Pennsylvania Health Insurance: Plans And Programs 

Insurance companies need to act responsibly to keep premium costs down while still proving a good level of service to their healthcare clients. Consumers can help them in their efforts by participating in one of the following cost containment programs:


Pre-Certification is used before you are admitted to the hospital to ensure that the medical expenses associated with your stay are necessary and appropriate. It does not apply to emergency hospital treatment, only to hospital stays which are scheduled in advance.

You or your doctor would be required to discuss your treatment with a trained insurance company representative before you are admitted to the hospital. You may be able to save on the cost of your hospital treatment by arranging to spend less time in hospital or by undergoing an alternative type of treatment.

PPO Networks

These Preferred Provider Organizations work with a group of healthcare professionals, including doctors, hospitals, and clinics, to provide services at a lower rate than they would normally charge to patients. The benefit to the healthcare providers is that they have access to a large number of potential patients from that particular insurer.

When you visit one of the members of the PPO Network, your costs will be lower than if you choose to consult with a doctor who is not participating in the network. Before you sign up for a PPO insurance plan, ask the company how many healthcare providers they work with. This will give you some idea about whether this type of plan will work for you.

Pennsylvania Health Insurance: Individual And Group Plans 

While you may be offered a group policy through your employer, this may not be the best option. The benefits are that you don’t need to do any research and you will automatically be accepted. The drawbacks are that the healthy individuals pay to cover costs of members who use the services more often, which raises the rates. Also, you have no say in the type of coverage or policy provided. For this reason, a Pennsylvania individual health insurance plan may be a more affordable option for some residents.

Pennsylvania Health Insurance: What To Look For In An Insurance Company 

When you are shopping for health insurance in PA, you need to consider more than just what your premiums are going to cost. You want to find a company that has good customer service policies, with a standard length of time for responding to claims.

Another factor for you to consider is whether the company's assets are secure. Find out where the company chooses to invest its assets: the best choice is for most of them to be placed in investment grade securities. This type of investment carries less risk than some other investment vehicles.

Pennsylvania Health Insurance FAQ 

One quick way to get answers to your questions is to look for the FAQ others commonly ask. You can find these lists on company websites or by searching online. Of course, the answer to the top FAQ, “Which is the best policy for me and what does it cost?”, can only be determined by getting custom made quotes from a number of providers and comparing them.

Pennsylvania Health Insurance Quote

It’s advisable to get quotes from at least 3 potential providers before settling on any one. Make sure you provide all with the same data, and be completely honest in your responses to avoid being dropped from the policy at a later time.

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